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Adventure sports demand adaptability and resilience from both body and mind...so let's cultivate the mind and body together!

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Optimizing Sport Performance

How will you prepare for your next performance or objective?

How will you push your limits without risking injury or burnout?

What is the best way to spend your precious training time?

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Case Study: A Scattered Focus
Back in the day when I was learning the double axel, I’d spend hours launching myself into the air with one purpose in mind: to land!

And yet. Without attention to process; without structured reflection; lacking a visceral understanding of the movement; cueing myself on all the things I didn’t want, the double axel never came...
The Solution: A Clear Vision
Conditioning the body AND mind to embrace ease, naturalness, and play prepares you for optimum performance. We hone your skills and focus by means of: 
  • Imagery/Visualization Training
  • Self-Reflection & Analysis
  • Balance & Coordination Training
  • Adaptability Training
  • Curiosity & Play
  • Mind-Body Connectivity

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The Full Expression Fitness Approach

Vision Clarity & Movement Quality to Optimize Performance
Cristina C.
“I’ve dealt with chronic knee pain for so long that I never truly recognized the impact it had on my well-being and energy. Since working with Carly, my energy levels have increased, I’ve gotten way better at my sports and my chronic pain has dissipated. While the pain may come up on occasion, I feel like i actually have the tools to minimize them and enjoy the things I love doing with more energy and drive (:”

Monty W.
"Carly approaches mindfulness in addition to traditional exercise to engage physical activity from many angles. She works with you to make progress attainable while at the same time pushing you to the next level."

Sean M.
"Carly is the best trainer I've ever worked with - and I've worked with A LOT across all levels of competition. She's a coach that not only helps instruct you on new and complicated movements and techniques (some of which may seem odd at first - but always pay off), but a coach that also helps motivate you and keep you accountable - catering our program specifically to your needs - but more importantly, your capabilities."