Finding Flow In Fitness

Lasting Gains Through Curiosity And Play

Humans are programmed to develop new skills through the art of play. Connect with your inborn spirit and rediscover your sense of flow.

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Finding Flow In Fitness

So much of training methodology today is guided by the "no pain/no gain" mentality. It seems as if striving and suffering are essential to the fitness experience.

And yet, our most transformative gains are rarely the product of blood, sweat, and tears.

What if we emphasized play instead of pain?
The Problem: “No Pain No Gain” Mentality
Far too frequently, we are encouraged to push through pain to achieve goals.

But lasting transformation doesn't come from forcing and flexing. Our most enduring changes arise through play and Flow.
The Solution: Play & Flow
Have you ever witnessed a child progress from novice to expert in the blink of an eye? They're rarely caught “trying” to improve, or "pushing through the pain." Children are masters of Flow.

We bring this lightness and joy to your training program so you can enrich your training experience AND achieve the transformations you’ve been reaching towards.

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The Full Expression Fitness Approach

Kindle Your Fire Of Flow With Play, Not Pain

Monty W.
"Carly approaches mindfulness in addition to traditional exercise to engage physical activity from many angles. She works with you to make progress attainable while at the same time pushing you to the next level."

Margie R.
'I have managed to make it a calming experience to do my self-care exercises. I have also been focusing on body basics more rather than pure strength exercises, which has actually helped more than my strength training did."

Nat P.
"You've helped to infuse purpose and excitement into fitness!  With a consistent plan catered exactly to my own personal needs and goals, I've been able to quell that negative voice in my head and celebrate my successes and more gracefully accept failures."