Rebound & Recovery

Do It Better Than “Back In The Day”

It’s time to ditch the blasphemous phrase, “I’m getting too old for this”! Let’s use the wisdom that comes with age to break down the scar tissue of old injuries and habits.

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Injury Rebound & Recovery

Are you dealing with an injury that is keeping you from achieving your full athletic expression?

Painful hangups - both physical and mental - hold back performance and rob us of the joy that our favorite sports once inspired.

It’s time to show your younger self what true mastery looks like!

A few hangups we love to vanquish include: 

  • Persistent injuries
  • Irritating scar tissue
  • Lasting instability issues
  • Mental hangups/aversions
  • Chronic pain
The Problem: Painful Hangups
Pain from injuries past can lead us to believe we are permanently damaged and scarred. We tell ourselves that the careless enthusiasm of our youth has left us destroyed beyond repair, and seem to find evidence of this fact wherever we look.
The Solution: Use Pain as a Guide
Past injuries paint a detailed picture of your movement habits and tendencies. We use this information to reveal which habits may be aggravating injuries or preventing recovery. We'll then cultivate alternative movement strategies that your body can relish.

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The Full Expression Fitness Approach

Harness Your Inner Wisdom to Turn Potential into Performance 
Sean M.
"Carly is not just an amazing fitness coach, but an even better guide to what your body really needs in order to better adapt and adjust to every day life. I went from a college athlete, to a horribly out of shape and constantly injured "old man" in my mid twenties, and after just a few month of working with Carly I feel like I'm getting ready for college ball all over again. If that doesn't sound dramatic enough - I went from weighing 196, running a 14 minute mile, and benching a wobbly 155 (half of my old max), to weighing 158, running a 18 minute 2-mile (sub 8 minute 1- mile), benching back around 205, and casually cranking out 300 perfect pushups a day!"
Olivia D.
"My surfing game has improved immensely!! I am experiencing less fear, and more control and enjoyment of my beloved sport again. I feel much more connected, balanced, and in control of my mind and body.

Carly's approach will challenge you to be in touch with your body and your activities in completely new ways! It's a wonderfully unique approach, that is useful for getting yourself out of a rut with fitness and mentality."

Jacob B.
"Since training with Carly I've noticed improved coordination when climbing, stability when skating, and more balance in everyday life...

Overall I feel way more grounded and confident, and find myself continuing to use tools and cues from our sessions in my regular warm-up routines.

Lasting effects like these are rare for me, so seeing what I would've otherwise felt like a bunch of work just stick naturally is very rewarding. Two thumbs up!"