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The Story Behind Full Expression Fitness

Full Expression was founded to level-up creative athletes who are ready to dump the “no pain/no gain” approach to performance training and just go play. 

After years of training experience in figure skating, dance, endurance sports and adventure sports, I’ve seen injuries, mental blocks, and plateaus rob even the most enthusiastic athletes of their vigor. At times in my own athletic career, I have known this place very personally.

Like our bodies, training programs must be holistic, adaptable, and playful - and that is what Full Expression is all about. I founded Full Expression Fitness with the goal of connecting athletes with their innate movement mastery.

It’s time we start working with our bodies instead of trying to dominate them. Let's turn your potential into performance through curiosity, play, and flow.
Virtual Personal Training For Play, Not Pain

Our Mission: To bring forth the full expression of your athletic potential by way of playful curiosity, self-understanding, and intelligent movement. 

Play Your Way to Peak Performance 

 Kindling Your Fire Of Flow
Like all other animals, humans are programmed to learn new skills through the art of play (how awesome is that!?). That is why we tackle your most intimidating goals, sticking points, and hurdles together with a curious attitude, interdisciplinary approach, and ridiculously personalized programming.

By reconnecting with your body’s innate movement mastery, progress becomes a matter of play, not pain. 
Natalie P.
"When working with Carly, it is clear that she has a background in both fitness and neuroscience. Not only is she able to help you unlock your physical potential, but she does so in a mindful way that is suited to your ways of thinking and learning. The result is a highly personalized training program with enduring results! She really knows her stuff!"

Cristina C.
"I’ve already recommended you to so many friends because of how much better I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve dealt with chronic knee pain for so long that I never truly recognized the impact it had on my well-being and energy. Since working with Carly, my energy levels have increased, I’ve gotten way better at my sports and my chronic pain has dissipated. While the pain may come up on occasion, I feel like i actually have the tools to minimize them and enjoy the things I love doing with more energy and drive (: "
Sean M.
"I feel like I have more awareness over my body and am able to make more micro adjustments during my sports. I have way more energy than I used to because I’m not always dealing with my chronic pain on the daily. I feel stronger and more in tune with my body. I’ve been excited to have a plan and execute it together!"

Discover Your Full Expression.

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