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There’s More Ways To Break Through The Plateau Than Grit, Guts, And Glory...

Full Expression Fitness was founded for adventure athletes who are ready to play their way to peak performance.

We approach your goals, sticking points, and hurdles together with a curious attitude and ridiculously personalized programing.

Our virtual training model means we meet exactly where you are at. Let’s transform your performance creatively and collaboratively!

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Enduring Transformations For Every Athlete.

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Meet Carly

Hello there! I’m Carly, founder and head trainer at Full Expression Fitness, and I'm sincerely glad you are here.

After years of experience as a sports coach and adventure athlete, I’ve seen persistent injuries, mental blocks, and plateaus rob even the most enthusiastic athletes of their vigor. At times in my own athletic career, I’ve known that place very personally.

Yet I deeply believe in everyone’s ability to move with grace, power, and mastery for a lifetime. I’m here to help kindle that fire of genuine joy, play, and flow so you can access your full expression with confidence and style.

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"I feel like I have more awareness over my body and am able to make more micro adjustments during my sports. I have way more energy than I used to because I’m not always dealing with my chronic pain on the daily. I feel stronger and more in tune with my body. I’ve been excited to have a plan and execute it together!"
Cristina C.
"Carly has a breadth of knowledge and experiences to pull on in addressing and improving functional movement. She has a knack for digging in and identifying the root issues preventing you from reaching your fitness goals. She is an excellent listener and is able to extract workable points from most any progress updates I've given her."
Jacob B.
When working with Carly, it is clear that she has a background in both fitness and neuroscience. Not only is she able to help you unlock your physical potential, but she does so in a mindful way that is suited to your ways of thinking and learning. The result is a highly personalized training program with enduring results! She really knows her stuff!
Natalie P.
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