What will you do with the energy you have?

The energy we have to give to sport, fitness, and training is limited. What will you do with your energy?

There’s something about the waning daylight and cooler air that slows the frenetic energy of summer.


I wouldn’t necessarily call it lethargy, but my compulsion to head out for exhausting days in the mountains has noticeably diminished. Meanwhile, my desire for casual strolling is at an all-time high.


As the overall quantity of my energy to do stuff decreases, I find myself giving more attention to how I allocate the energy that remains.


Although I’m not always accurate, I do my best to honestly assess the amount of time and energy I have to devote to sport & fitness throughout the year. Right now, the vibe is chill.


These days, I spend much of the energy I have on long-neglected restorative practices: stretching, walking, balancing, foam rolling. Bouts of intensity are delectably short and high-quality.


It doesn’t seem realistic to expect that I will always have a limitless amount of energy to run, climb, swim, hike, lift, train, etc. throughout the entire year. It’s been quite pleasant, actually, to see what I choose to do with the energy I have to give right now.


How much energy do you have to give to sport & fitness right now? Maybe you’re feeling peppy and refreshed by the seasonal change. Maybe you are ready to slow the pace. Maybe your energy levels are steady and constant.


The amount of energy we have at a given time may be more outside of our control than we’d like. Despite this, we have a remarkable degree of control over how that energy is spent.


What will you do with the energy you have?