Virtual personal training is BETTER than in-person training

Here's why virtual personal training clients achieve higher-quality, more enduring transformations:

It is true that this assertion is coming from a biased source…but I deeply believe that virtual personal training clients achieve higher quality, more enduring transformations!


There are several obvious benefits to virtual training (such as convenience and simplicity), but these reasons alone are hardly powerful enough to make the case for switching to a virtual trainer.


What makes virtual training so special is instead something fundamental to the virtual training model. It is a quality that, curiously, is often framed as a disadvantage.


So what is the special ingredient? Client independence and self-reliance!


This is because when it comes to connecting with, understanding, and transforming our mindset & movement habits, we are our own best teachers.


I can manually correct your rounded shoulders, or show you how to squat a thousand times over, but until you feel what your own body is doing (or not!), then the changes you make are merely temporary.


Our brains and bodies learn best when we make our own discoveries. This is why working together virtually creates such significant and lasting change. You have no choice but to spend time with yourself, figuring out what your body is doing by feeling it.


In a virtual training model, all of the feedback you get is coming from you – and that is exactly how the potential for change is created. When you take note of your own habits and movement strategies, the possibility of trying something different arises.


What’s more, your awareness of self becomes more subtle and sharper over time. Working together virtually becomes an increasingly collaborative process, and your own expertise grows along with your techniques, habits, and skills.


And I think that is my favorite part about being a virtual trainer. Through your own independence and self-reliance, we create a space for shared knowledge and discovery. Transformations become lasting because you -better than anyone else - know exactly how you got there.